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Cancelling your bankruptcy Dumonts Solicitors

Cancelling your bankruptcy

Although a bankrupt may obtain an automatic discharge after one year, true freedom from bankruptcy is achieved by way of an annulment. An annulment is an effective cancellation of the bankruptcy and restores the …
Compulsory Insolvency and Validation Orders Dumont Solicitors

Compulsory Insolvency and Validation Orders

Following service of the winding up petition a company will find its bank accounts frozen by the bank. Additionally, after the presentation of a winding up petition any subsequent transactions by that company are …
Bankruptcy: You and the Official Receiver Dumonts Solicitors

Bankruptcy: You and the Official Receiver

An Official Receiver is a civil servant, an officer of the Court and works for the Insolvency Service. His job is to review and administer your bankruptcy. After you are adjudged bankrupt you will …
No deal brexit and assets in the EU

No Deal Brexit and Assets in the EU

Brexit! It would be an understatement to say that it has caused controversy and uncertainty. However within cross border insolvency some upcoming issues are quite clear. Within the EU cross border insolvency is supported …
HMRC Creditor Status Dumonts Solicitors

HMRC’s Creditor Status

Prior to the Enterprise Act of 2002 HMRC was treated as a preferential creditor within a liquidation thereby allowing them to rank ahead of other unsecured creditors. Following the 2002 Act HMRC lost this …