Fees & Pricing

We take pride in having a transparent charging system and will keep you updated as matters progress or as your requirements or circumstances change.

Our fees for uncontested probate matters are based on the complexity of the estate to be administered, as this will determine the amount of work involved.

Our fees are charged at an hourly rate of £200 (+VAT) per hour.

On average our total fees can range from £2,500 to £12,000 (+ VAT) depending on the complexity of the matter.

In matters where the estate is simple, with few assets and beneficiaries (where inheritance tax is not payable), fees will be at the lower end of the above price range. In the event of a complex estate with multiple assets which need to be valued and sold, inheritance tax to be paid and more complex beneficiaries (such as minor or charitable beneficiaries), fees would be towards the higher end of the scale. If there is property/land to be sold or transferred, this will be charged separately in addition to the above.

In addition to the legal fees set out above, the below disbursements (i.e. third party costs) may also be applicable:

  • Probate Application Fee – £273
  • Additional copies of the Grant £1.50 per copy
  • Oath swear fee (£7 per executor)
  • Section 27 Trustee Act Notice in the London Gazette and/or local newspapers £90-200 depending on the notices required
  • If property/land is required to be sold, in addition to the legal fees for conveyancing, estate agents fees for the sale may also be payable

Our fees include:

  • Reviewing the estate and any will, identifying executors/administrators and beneficiaries
  • Notifying assets holders and obtaining valuations of the assets in the estate
  • Completing and submitting the relevant HMRC inheritance tax forms
  • Preparing the legal oath for you to swear
  • Completing the probate application forms and submitting this on your behalf
  • Collecting in all assets in the estate
  • Preparing a comprehensive estate account for your records
  • Settling liabilities and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries
  • An experienced probate solicitor dealing with your matter

In the event that a Deed of Variation is required, this will incur an additional charge. Any additional would be discussed prior to any work being undertaken.


The time it takes to complete a probate matter depends on the complexity of the estate and the types of assets to be dealt with. On average the administration of an estate usually takes between 6 to 18 months from instruction to distribution. The initial stage of notifying asset holders, gathering details and valuations of assets in the estate and preparing the probate application usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks. Once applied for, it can take between 8 to 12 weeks to receive the Grant of Probate from the Probate Registry. Once the Grant is obtained, collecting in the assets takes between 3 to 8 weeks. Once all assets are received, the distribution of the estate can be expected to take between 2 to 4 weeks.

Fee Quotation

We can provide a no-obligation quotation for our fees upon the provision of a copy of the will and a full list of assets in the estate.





To request a fee quotation, contact us on

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