Skilled Worker Visa

Employers: Act Now Before Salary Hike

The minimum salary for overseas workers sponsored under the Skilled Worker visa will increase to £38,700 from 4 April 2024 from the current rate of £26,200 per year.

This increase inevitably represents a challenge for businesses looking to recruit skilled professionals from abroad.

In light of these impending changes, we urge businesses considering hiring skilled workers to act swiftly. By securing sponsor licences and initiating recruitment processes before April 4, 2024, companies will be in a better position to avoid the higher salary threshold and ensure access to top-tier talent without incurring additional financial burdens.

As the deadline approaches, businesses are encouraged to assess their staffing needs and take decisive action to navigate these regulatory changes effectively. By acting now, companies can capitalize on the existing salary threshold and position themselves competitively in the global talent market.

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